Train Reflections

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Got really annoyed with the train services this morning.... and yesterday morning... oh wait, and last Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday.

Our train has been having a lot of "faults" lately especially in the morning when it is the peak hour and commuters are trying to get to work on time or early to finish up their work due. When I first experienced the start of all these train breakdowns, I did some self-realisation and self-talk - "ok vic, you are annoyed and irritated because you are impatient. maybe this could help you improve your patience."

But as the days go by, my patience got thinner... and thinner.

This morning, it went "Your train has stopped as the train ahead is still at the next station. We apologise for the inconvenience." - Every. Single. Day.

"Someone has pressed the Emergency Button and our staff has gone to investigate." - really?

I think with the sudden increase in announcement scripts must have been too coincidental with the current train situations. Maybe more buttons to press and more excuses for the countless repeat of such transport breakdown? I don't know but I am just one angry commuter, trying to look for answers why there isn't a one-time fixed or gradually improvement in our public transport.

LTA/SMRT may have their explanation and I am not saying they do not have their own story. My story? Simple.

I am just a 27 year old, normal average earning worker - trying to make a living and starting adulthood, house bills, renovation, supporting my parents, wanting to start a family in Singapore but thinking ten times, trying to earn a living by being at work on time and having the energy to perform well at work, finding a work life balance (ensuring i've enough financial resources to support that) - I can speak for most Singaporeans. We are all working hard for similar reasons, to live a comfortable life or to make a living and support our family.

Every morning is so unpredictable right now. Yes, taking a car will be so much better despite the jam but I can predict. However, do you know how expensive it is to own a car in Singapore? My husband takes the car to work as his job venue does not have public transport in - how do I own 2 cars if I am not married to an expat or earning $20k a month?

I can't blame my fate and I am happy with my life but I think such minor inconvenience in this country should be fixed and not covered up with more 'apologies' on the PA system.

In addition to that, I decided to step away from my frustration and observe Singaporeans on the train. I happen to overlook this lady's phone beside me and she was texting her friends,

Lady: "wah train very slow"
Friend: "yah lor... same as me again. every stop also breakdown"

It stumbled upon me that I don't have to feel so shitty alone because everyone on that train probably feels the same way as I do.

When we were approaching toa payoh, this indian passenger decided to go under this chinese uncle arms as he was holding the bar which was really high above his head - the nice indian passenger was just trying to make way for more passengers to board. However, a fight almost broke out:

Chinese uncle: "Hello?! You are in my way! You are standing in my way! Why I hold here you must stand here and move here?"
Indian guy: "No, I am moving in so that others can board..... *and he slowly creep into the corner*

At that second, it also hit me that sometimes I feel the same way and so much for being a "multi-racial" country. We didn't have that much hate for each other but now, everyone is so angry with the daily spoilt train and trying to keep up with the standard of living.


(I am forever that Singaporean who can't wait to move to Australia.)

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