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I have been busy lately creating a revamp and simply because I have all along been in love with website creation, photo editing and video editing. Hence, thepinksoldier official website has been created. It is still pretty new and empty but do bookmark it and give me your support! :)

Don't worry - this blog is still functioning and as you can see, it is one of the tabs on my page navigation. The www.pinksoldier.club will feature official articles on topics mainly targeted fitness, food, brand features and alittle tab 'shop' which will feature two of my baby projects: bakery + flowers. Yep, if all works out, I will share more with you guys! Really really appreciate all your support.

Hence, my blog here will be more organized and personal. Less formal, casual and opinionated.

Do give me your feedback or if you do have any suggestions to improve it!


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