Why are Fats good for your diet?

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Recently, I have been trying to get my fitness back as I am slowly doing rehab exercises for (yes, another) injury. I overworked my body and my muscles are all as tight as !@#$!! Hence, I ended up pulling/straining a nerve at my inner side of my left leg and my right wrist decided to follow the same route... of course that was expected but I did not know just trying to move the bike trotter up and down could cause anything so major. I have had shoulder tightness and mobility issues and now it has affected my wrist.

I had some rest weeks that comprised of bad diet + minimal workout :( Lots of guilt over there but I made sure I had good breakfast and lunch in the day to compensate for the guilty social nights. It is always good to have a balance and not be extremely anti-social and forsake your social life for your meals alone at home.

I decided to read up more about nutrition and I happen to have a chat with some friends about eating fats. Fats, has had a bad reputation and a big misunderstanding with people's head. I used to think Fats were bad for you - but now as I train and fuel my body, I learn how important and helpful it is. 

Imagine your body as a car, you need fuel to move. Our body is like a car - the fuel is the good fats in our body that we will eventually use for energy and if we don't consume fats at all, it is like a car running on reserve tank with no petrol - we end up burning our muscles. That is when I experienced all the goodness of fats/lack of fats during my athlete life when I was training from touch rugby, crossfit and now, a passionate gymrat for fitness, health and conditioning. 

A healthy amount of fat is always good for our bodies and we need it in our diet. Fats provide a layer of protection, insulating our organs and keeping our core body temperature normal. They also help us digest fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A,D,E and K. Those vitamins keep our brains, hormones, tissues, hair, skin and nails healthy.

Maybe that is why I have good skin and hair :p Cos I have plenty of fats. Haha. I kid not.

When I realised those technical facts of how beneficial fats are for our body, I decided to write out a list of good healthy fats for my meal preps and I shall share them with you!

1. Avocado

ULTIMATE FAVOURITE YES. Avocado + toast, all day errr day. Who doesn't love avos? It is not only high in fat, it has tons of fibre, vitamin C and potassium. They make the best smoothies and if not, the best toast spread or sauce for your taco night or chips + movie sleepover. 

2. Almonds

These brown yummy babies contain high amount of protein, fibre, magnesium and healthy good fats. If you suffer from constipation, have a few of these. It helps to ease digestion and they are great add-ons for your salad. I also love my almonds with yogurt and overnight oats!

3. Coconut Oil

Now, this is tricky. When it comes to oil, you can feel really greasy about it. But! Coconut oil is so good - unlike normal oil, it is easy for our bodies to breakdown before getting absorbed real quick and used for energy. I love to use coconut oil (just a sprinkle of it) on my salad, smoothies and even on my cooked food. It is so good to use for your hair too if you have super dry hair but do note it will get really oily. 

4. Walnuts

Walnuts are my favourite snack throughout the day! Why? Because I found out that it was good for your brains (and I always wanted to be smarter haha). Besides that, it is high in omega 3, antioxidants and rich in healthy fats. It also adds good bacteria to our guts.

I hope this helps for you to start eating healthy and feel full after your meal :) If you have any tips of your own to help me enhance my meals or any recipes you love, do share them with me!

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