No NDP: Feat. Singapore Town car karaoke

by - 9:37 pm

So, it was Singapore's birthday just 2 days ago!

I felt bad this was the first time Sailorboy and I did not stay home to watch the National Day Parade. I feel like every year I do that so that I can remind myself to love my country and forget the bads. I also realised that is when everyone including myself, become super patriotic. I do get caught up with all the good vibes and emotions. 

Hence, this year. I decided to do something different. I was sick about bitching about the Singapore life I am trying to get out and suddenly 9th August seems to be the day I forget about my rants and suddenly love my life here in Singapore so much. So, gotta keep real to myself - I decided to surprise my husband to an open air-cinema. We did not celebrate National Day in the end - got annoyed with the fireworks which was interrupting the movie but still, I felt good vibes just being on the picnic mat with chips + beer. I still love Singapore for being safe and clean, really.

So for missing NDP, we decided to dedicate our typical car karaoke to our favourite Singapore oldies.


Song: Singapore Town

All-time favourite. The 90s should remember this song - when Singapore was still young, raw and less-commercial.


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