Make it Right for a Better Ride (5 years later)

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I wrote a winning article for Nuffnang 5 years ago in regards to our public transport experience then. I went to track my old blog to find the article - - When I read it, it seemed so simple. Just be considerate to your fellow Singaporeans beside you. I did not sense that being pack-like-sardines was an issue (cos' we were able to stand properly like humans). I think we were facing more of inconsiderate "kiasu" seat-hungry people in 2012. But now, things have changed and it is so interesting when I am reading an article I personally wrote and even did drawings to illustrate my thoughts.

So this morning, I had another horrible experience in our world-class SMRT train service. I know I may sound like a whiner and spoilt Singaporean; And maybe I am so don't say I didn't warn ya. I just need a space to rant because I did not like someone touching my butt this morning.

For all the times I have heard people complaining about the our transport and read how some other "good Samaritan" try to 'stand up for Singapore' - yes, i totally understand when people say we are really blessed with good train service this standard if we are comparing to other part of the world.

To be honest, I am not comparing to this.

This is exaggerating. However, I do also hear other parts of the world (of course the higher tech ones comparable to Singapore) like U.S. 


"It's a pity, cos we -did- have working public transit at one point..."

YES that is what I feel about Singapore transport too! The RED line is unstable, I can't take the bus to work, the train fares are increasing and getting expensive, trains are getting more packed and crowded, people are getting ruthless and no longer considerate, aircon not working especially when it is the peak hour; people are packed like sardines!

I am so concern about our train system turning out like this (below), with the influx of foreigners and of course for ladies, housewives isn't an option due to the change in our standard of living. Everything is expensive, prices have increased... a meal at the foodcourt no longer cost $3 but $5. 

This is a video of train system in Beijing.

What scares me is, this morning and a few other mornings, our platform looked like this. Of course not so exaggerating as our platform is smaller, but as dramatic as it is for the size of our train platforms. And people trying to dash in the train? No difference. It disgusts me sometimes. I mean, with the recent inefficiency of our train system, your boss should understand. If not, take a video of your view and challenge your boss to take the train with you. 

Singaporeans were never behaving barbaric or anywhere like that but it shocks me when I see really bad etiquette in the morning especially when everyone is already so annoyed being late for work with the lack of personal space and air-con. Can't we just be considerate and spare a thought for everyone, and understand that we are all suffering together. The air you breathe, is the same air I breathe. If it is smelly, I smell the same thing too!

What happpened to "Make it Right for a Better Ride". But of course, I can't blame ourselves entirely for behaving this way. The train system has heard enough praises. 
I can only think of some facts for our train system in 2017 and this is only to MY opinion:

1. It was world-class 5 years ago. You don't have train faults EVERY morning + you don't hear the announcement saying "Due to a train fault, your train will be delayed. We apologise for this inconvenience" *put on repeat 5x a week*

2. The population in Singapore is not the same. 

As much as WE hope it was the same, maybe a couple more headcount to include our babies.. nope.
An increase of 700,000 people - Our trains did not grow in size parallel to this population growth. 

If we keep growing, one day we might just become like this:

Haha. Of course I hope we wouldn't or pray I become a work-from-home mom by then!

3. It gives molesters/gropers SO MANY opportunities to be free to do their job + NEVER be caught.

This morning, I felt someone touch my butt and because it was so squeezy and it was in the midst of people leaving the train and shuffling in-and-out, I am TOTALLY clueless if it was by accident or on purpose. This wasn't the first time such things happen. Many times 2 weeks back when I was taking the train everyday with the train faults, I experienced someone either brushing my butt or my hips. I would like to blame it on my big hips and bigger size frame. But still, girls with shape should not be given a loop hole to feel uncomfortable right?

Such busy trains, are the easiest for people to do such act and get away with it. How can I even blame you for brushing my butt or touching it right? Of course your hand was there and how can I blame you when my butt is just infront right? Ugh. This really annoys me and it never fails to spoil my day!

What's worst is I hate skin contact with anyone but some people in the train, really don't mind having skin contact. I wished I was a porcupine sometimes. 

4. Commuters and train are both in-sync.

As long as your train is working, commuters can stay sane and in-order. However, when the train goes haywire not just ONE time, commuters get frustrated and annoyed. Pretty helpless but yet having to suck it up and have to live with all these despite SMRT saying they will get it fixed.

Back to my article on wordpress 5 years ago, I wished it was as simple as offering a seat and just being gracious about letting someone take the seat.

I guess I will have a good think about how I can scoot/cycle to work and be eco-friendly. Less complains and better to avoid :) 

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