I am still alive!

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Time flies! It's already August and so much happening in a blink of an eye. My apologies for being AFK - in terms of this space. I really miss writing but it has been hard since I don't spend much time at home with my laptop.

2017 has been super eventful. Experienced my most intensive fitness trainings 5x a week. Got married to the nicest man on earth. Left lululemon shortly after. Working at TripleFit now.

It has been quite a ride. Meeting tons of people from all walks of life, learning so much from very new experiences. Leaving lululemon after 2 years at that beautiful company was one of my biggest learning in life. Loved the brand and the people. I took away many great experiences and insights. Kinda sad that I won't see the same customers/guests who often comes back to shop - I must say, that was what kept me going to work. The fun, was never ending. I also loved the sweat life. I live and breathe thesweatlife and that's how I started my #vickysweatypursuits too because I was inspired.

Currently, working on our house to come. It is under renovations and we are so excited for it to be done. Well, we were delaying it this whole year as we were crazy with wedding preparations. Now that we finally settled + our small room is exploding with clothes and more and more things... we really can't wait to move our barang barang over. Haha. Our nice humble room is filling up a little too fast that we are starting to create spots so we can jump or creep up to get to our bed :x 

Can't wait to share our new humble house here. 

I will try to be more present on this space, hope there is still people reading :/ haha. Please continue reading as I will be bringing more updates, product reviews and fitness tips! 

Meanwhile, you can always catch me alive on Instagram: thepinksoldier or Facebook

Have a great life, people!

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