Wifey Diaries: Korean Japchae

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I love Korean Japchae and I don't get to eat this often as I think it is quite pricey and for the amount they serve outside, it's only enough to fill my left toe! :/
I passed by a Korean fair at Plaza Singapore last month and bought the Japchae sauce and noodles that the auntie was sincerely and aggressively selling :) the bottle was quite small and I didn't think it could last more than 2-3x of serving. But it has already fed 16 people and I have half the bottle left. Haha. I am looking to buy the sauce again but I can't find it anywhere.
This is my own version of Japchae. With minced beef (because there wasn't fresh beef that day). If I can cook, so can you! πŸ˜‰    it was delish and the husband & family loves it!


Ingredients :::

- Japchae noodles (500grams can feed 6 people if they are going for 2-3 servings if not 8 people)
- Japchae sauce (I tried looking for it at Korean supermarket but don't have too. Last I bought was cold storage Korean fair)
- Beef or meat of your choice
- Red capsicum
- Chopped garlic & Onion
- Parsley
- Shitake mushrooms
- Salt & Pepper
(P.S. did you know that rock salt are healthier and saltier?)

Instructions :::

- Fry the garlic + onions until brown
- Pour the mushrooms in / Capsicum
- Add salt and pepper (to preferred taste)
- Add beef or meat of your choice and fry till its cooked
- On a separate pot, add the boiling hot water to Japchae noodles and let it cook for about 8 minutes to 10 minutes. Taste noodles and check if it is your standard of chewy-ness.
- Transfer noodles into cold water pot or rinse under tap water but sieving the noodles properly.
- Add the noodles into the pan with your meat and vegetables
- Pour 3 table spoons of the Japchae sauce or however you deem enough. (Too much of it will be too salty and I usually like my noodles just light brown)
- I like to add spicy pork marinade sauce into my noodles to add a little spice and taste. You can skip this step if you'd like.
- cook for 5 minutes

And tada! Your very own Japchae (that is not worth $6 for a palm-size bowl)  If you do try it, let me know how it turn out for you :) This is one of my self-initiated wifey duties - definitely a good one to keep in my wife diaries!


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