One moment (month) of fame

by - 9:08 am

I enjoy how life surprises me whenever I am not looking...

Until my dad wanted to sign up for a new phone plan and needed me to come down to pay for it.

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"omg look pa! that's me!"

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yes, my very fatigue tired face after work but still happily surprised by seeing my face being given out at orchard mrt :p

and this... was definitely the biggest hit for me when people started sending me insta-stories.
being on a MRT platform? it is once in a lifetime opportunity :)

2016 was a year of great opportunities and exploration. I learnt many things and also was in great contemplation for many as well. I love these spontaneous projects given to me and no matter how unsure I could be, I love to take it up and see where it brings me.

Life is too short to not appreciate the little things.

Love life, love yourself.

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