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Have you ever wondered why you have been putting on "more weight" or looking "more bulky" despite working so so hard at the gym? 

Last July, when I was working out so hard everyday at the gym, I was clueless why I was hardly losing weight OR even looking tone. I looked bulky and chunky despite working out 5 times a week!

It got me feeling so puzzled and confused --- I even stopped working out for 2 months thinking it was "too much" workout that caused it. 

Nope. It wasn't and you can trust what I say as I have been through all that. There is NO such thing as "too much" workout. It is just output of water retention and sweat + increasing your metabolic rate and muscle mass = you should be losing some weight and looking toner/leaner.

Then, I learnt that it was because of my diet. When people say diet, it doesn't only mean "oh I am going on a diet = not eating/eating lesser".

Diet = Nutrition

What you consume daily, is your diet.

When I was working out 5x or more a week, I was eating everything. Haha. I mean the Victoria every knows, loves food. I mean it. I am obsessed with food! My husband thinks that if I could marry food, I would :p

I love my meat, my CARBS (oh my), my veggies, my SWEET tooth (mama mia!)

I didn't think there was a possibility of me ever eating lesser or quitting food. It is alright to love food and eat all kinds of food - but I eat TOO much. I have a stomach that knows no limit. I go for buffets 2-3x a week and I snack every 30 minutes when I am not doing anything. 

I should be obese at the rate I was eating. I am blessed that I am not.

I was tired by then. Sick and tired of trying EVERYTHING - I tried all kinds of fitness routine, I tried doing detox tea programmes... I almost went depressed just trying to find the confidence and love for my body. I wanted to love myself so badly.

Last December, I met an angel, Sara; who is my friend and trainer now. She reminded me and challenged me to change my diet. I took up that challenge and for 3 months (till date), I cooked all my meals and made sure I took photos of them to remind myself of what I promised to do.

Most of you know I hate to cook and I don't know how to cook for nuts! 🙊

But now, I am obsessed with cooking. I love the kitchen, I love grocery shopping and I am constantly looking for new methods of cooking. I quit detox tea and I feel so good about my body. I do have my fat days, trust me, but I feel good overall.

Nutrition has changed my life; From the physicality to the emotional part.
Everyday is a constant learning for me. I love meeting people, sharing our nutrition secrets.. I am constantly getting inspired! :)

This is why I want to share with you guys photos of some of my typical meals everyday.

Get inspired & start cooking!
The good meals are those you know exactly what you are putting into your mouth!

Do comment or email me if you have any questions about nutrition or anything you want to ask! :)

Rolled Oatmeal with Blueberries: One of the most basic breakfast

Fillet with beansprout + broccoli:
One of the least appealing-looking meal but it was a good start

Image may contain: food

Chicken breast, egg whites + quinoa topped with chinchalok chilli:
My proud moments making quinoa taste so good with my chicken and mushroom broth.

Egg whites + Orange sweet potatoes + rocket veggies + tuna, beans and corn:
Days when I just learnt how to cook ingredients that I get overly excited and put everything together!

Similar from the above adding carrots this time.

See, I get overly excited the first month when I first learnt how to cook and prepare my own food.
I end up cooking and putting EVERYTHING I know together 😂

Avocado, raisins, cherry tomatoes, kale, rocket, carrots, mushrooms, ginger chicken, egg whites, yellow sweet potatoes and chicken breast.

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

I even inspired Sailorboy and he said I could prepare his meals to work too!

There is always a start with everything and you learn from the process. If you follow my instagram @thepinksoldier, you will notice how "unappealing" my food used to look and it just gets better over time. I also learnt about portions and how much I should cook now after awhile. I used to cook too much (have no problem finishing my food anyways) and putting anything and everything I know how to cook inside my lunch box. Now, I am in choice 😉

I hope this inspired you in one way or another.
Till next time!


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