The Big Year 2017

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Hello 2017

It has been a good 4 months since I wrote in my blog & I wonder if there is even anyone else reading this. I do not have intentions to delete or stop blogging - but it was just the past 4 months that has been the BUSSSSIEESST time of the year for me. November & December are my favourite months of the year for many reasons - all my favourite people birthdays (& i really do mean ALOT of birthdays including mine & my hubs), christmas & new year - that's when i get busy with all the different christmas parties with different group of friends + work work work!

I really do miss writing and I hope to find more time this year to write and document many parts of my life. I don't know how I could do blog posts on my daily activities (EVEN conversations) when I was like 13 or 14 years old. I guess our memory do fade after 10 years *cries*

SO with every new year, people love to do new year resolutions which I used to be a fan of. However, adulthood has brought me down to earth and brave enough to face reality - it's not gonna work. What happens is, we make new year resolutions on 1.1.17 and then give a deadline of 31.12.17.

And you will ALWAYS remember that you have 12 months to achieve it. Come March, "hmmm I need to lose weight but I really wanna eat this fried donut!!! Ah, whatever. I have 9 more months to lose weight. Eat today, worry tomorrow!" And there you have it, #fatgirlforlife 

Sounds familiar?

Yep. I definitely been through alot of that for 26 years to be experienced enough to repeat countless of conversations in my head word-for-word. So this year, let me share with you what I am doing differently.

Monthly Goals!

;) yep. I bought a new yearly planner - i am usually a "no negotiation" kikki.k yearly planner girl - from typo and decided 2017 is a year of change. No more favourite beautiful kikki.k yearly planner because it cost $40 and I want to be less of a spoilt brat wanting things my way and save money for bigger priorities. Hence, $10 typo planner that says "FULL-TIME DREAMER 2017 PLANNER"

An excuse if I really turn out to be a full-time dreamer. Sailorboy can't blame me now cos' I tried to save $30 on a planner. The planner wasn't a bad buy anyway. It said premium and it actually looks really pretty with a nice tropical mandala lookalike on the cover page. *tropical vibe for life yo!* #tropicallife #tropicalgirl hashtag all kinds of tropical cos I am obsessed!

I'll share my obsession with you guys shortly in the next post(!!!) So back to what I decided to do differently this year, I am creating monthly goals for myself to achieve throughout the month for various reasons:

- set more realistic goals
- goals are more attainable
- you can think ahead short-term to know what you really want/need
- easier to verify
- hold myself accountable for it

Also, what I like is to categorise my goals into different areas of my life. 
Here is an example:

Fitness Goals: Lose 4kg
Wellness Goals: At least 8 hours of sleep 4-5x a week
Self-development Goals: Finish studying 2 chapters of my PT trainer studies
Love life Goals: Have more patience and be less angry

It can be that simple ;) and yes, if you were wondering are those my real goals for January? The answer is YES. They are the goals I have written for the month of January and I decided to share them with you. You could also share your goals on social media (& tag me on #vickysweatypursuits so I can view them too!) or share them with your best friend if you are a private person. I like to share my goals with more people because I feel the urgency to quickly fulfil my goals for the sake of people knowing them :p 

There you go. My first post of 2017 dedicated to help some of you attain achievable goals + looking forward to crushin' goals together! I hope that was helpful. Stay tuned for more updates & I am gonna share with you many big news/obsession of my life.


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