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This got me so excited whenever I know I am going to start baking. The taste of it... It must be really good when Sailorboy actually ask me to bake everyday for him to take it to work.

It started out as a random recipe I found online. I had an intense craving for granola and I used to always buy granola breakfast bars but it happened to run out that morning. On top of that, I am sitting on the fence about granola bars being unhealthy due to the fact of its high sugar content.

Yes, it has high content of sugar but high in fibre too. So it is up to you to comprehend, really. It is such a hassle to wonder and ponder about such little things, that is why I have been wanting to bake my own. That way, I can control the sugar content and make sure it still taste good. ;)

P.S. if you can eliminate the sugar totally, it still taste good - but i gotta warn you, it will be all crumbling and won't stay in one piece. put them in cupcake cups and serve them with a spoon or as toppings for your yogurt!

Haha it came out SO good until the silly me decides to put it on a smaller plate and when I left it there for a second, turn back to find it collapse. Hahaha! Gave me an excuse to munch those broken ones... mmmm once I took that first bite, I am hooked.

For any granola bars, you get the flexibility of adding any dried fruits you want. So just add 'em in!!!

After tasting how good it is, I decided to bake a second slab of it for my best friend and her husband. They loved it and I have never been so proud of any of bakes - because it taste SO good + it's healthy. 

Go healthy & yummy! How are you eating this weekend?


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