♡ Vicky bakes: The beta-CARROTine cake

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Hi beautiful people,

So, I finally baked. Coming out of my hermit shell after a week of feeling sorry for myself and angry with every possible forces that caused my dislocated finger. World war 3 definitely took place in my mind the past week and it's funny how your thoughts can take you to back in time to 5 years ago and bring you to the future in 10 years.

Whatever it is, I baked and I am happy. It was just a causal chat with my really good friend, Mrs Lamb and I told her how badly I feel like baking. She threw me a good number of recipes and it was up to my tummy's decision. So tummy decided, Carrot cake.

I love love love Carrot cake with tea. It's funny when you try to tell someone in Singapore that you're going to bake Carrot cake. Especially the older generation. When I told my mom I got carrot cake for her, she said "huh? You bought carrot cake?!?! But I cook dinner for you!" Haha. Then I had to tell her "it's the ang-moh carrot cake la!" (Ang-moh = western)

And I never bake alone now since #2brokegirlskitchen started - it is a little project started by my good friend, Celeste and I. We love to bake and always find ourselves baking every week (my weekday that I'm off is always for her to spend some girl time). Hence, we got better at it and became more adventurous and excited about making it an online business.

So yes. The cakes that I will be writing about and posting are on sale. Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you would like to order them :) we only promise you good taste beyond anything else.

For this carrot creation, we added 50g more carrots and figured that it won't be any harm. It tasted so good. The best way to taste this is to slice the cake down from the icing on top to the bottom and eating it all together. Mmmm.... my mom and Wilson loved it!!!

Till then,
She who eats says goodnight.

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