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 I have been so busy with work and got so caught up with bad health lately since I came back from travelling. It's so annoying cos' I cannot workout!!! And I feel guilty at home just eating because that's really all I do haha. Sometimes my mom or Wilson loves to think that they have a weird daughter/girlfriend as I will be eating a box of cookies and doing leg raise at the same time. LOL.

Life has been very eventful this year. I haven't had time to write a normal post and it is so nice to find some time to do it tonight because I AM OFF ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY (WHOOOPPPP!!!) Haven't been off for 2 days consecutively and it's even more special now that my Sailorboy can spend my off-weekdays with me as he is on a sabbatical month. I know. It is so nice to have my own time when he is at work - but sometimes, I just want him with me to experience what I may be doing in the day. But my one and only biggest pet peeve is when he sleeps through the morning and he is a REALLY good sleeper. Not exaggerating. I even need to put some exaggeration. And having me beside him, I am awake immediately at 8am or 8.45am. I roll in bed, watch 3 episodes on Netflix, have some cookies or cereal in bed... and it is noon by then. I get cranky if I don't do anything by then. He will feel so sorry and helpless lol. Imagine his puppy face - (sorry baby, I really don't mean to feel annoyed but it does annoy meeee!) 

During my lazy days not working out, I did try to move around and find some physical activities as I was SO close to being a potato cough slouch. I found... BOUNCE!!! I never thought I would like it as I am not a trampoline lover - Warning: I may sound like your mother or an old aunty - I get dizzy, headache when I jump up and down too much and my eyes don't know where to look/close. I can't close my eyes cos then i will jump off the trampoline. Lol. SO many problem.... but then this Bounce Singapore did surprise me. It had like all the trampoline thingy which you can do your fancy tricks and I can't even do a somersault cos' I am a coward and it annoys me. But I love love love the dodgeball arena. It is only do-able if you bring friends with you. Super fun!

AND my favourite - NINJA WARRIOR. I always love that ninja warrior show and wished I could be as strong as the ladies there. Finally, I can have a taste of it and pretend I am on a show with a timer. But of course, now I know how lousy and far-off I am. HAHA. Wah, it isn't easy and I am not sure to blame it on lousy fitness or having my fear take over. Everything also scared - heights, jumping on a far platform... scared I fall... and then suddenly, 2 young boys (around 8 or 9 years old) sprint pass me. Reality hit me: I am an old auntie. 

But nvm. At least I tried it. And will know it is just a fantasy hoping to be a ninja warrior. #hopesanddreamsdied

Alot of unknown future plans has been lingering around my life for the past 1 month. It has made me extra impatient as I could be troubled by it. I was on Wilson's Harley bike today and reflecting on my life. I have been so tired, short-tempered and easily snappy and annoyed lately. I was wondering why. What is taking my happiness and peace away? Then I have listed down a few things.

1. Work.
2. Bad health.
3. BTO flat coming (actually last week but we postpone to 3 weeks later)
4. BTO flat coming = wedding MUST come
5. Money. Wait, what's that?? SHIT.
6. Where can I find the money? 
7. What is my calling in life? 

The last one is super random but yes, it has been a lingering thought for awhile now. All these I've listed are typical SINGAPOREAN worries and I am depressed to say I have fallen to the typical now. I thought I would have sorted all this out as I am the kan-chiong one who dreams about how my wedding will be like before I even find a partner. But no. Someone pressed the fast-forward button. I am forced to grow up.

Wilson loves to summarize all these for me: "Honey, this is call Growing Up. Congratulations, you are an adult now. This is normal."

Haha it made me sound like a child... yes quite true but no. I don't like and won't succumb to typical worries and no, this is not how adulthood should be - at least not for everyone. I always like to believe I can make my future and my story a different one. #stubbornvery

So yes, I have been doing alot of planning. Yes, trying to save alot of money but its hard cos I still need to eat and eat. I have been on the computer and phone for emails - work & hotels/house/furnitures/renovation... If there has to be a month I will be thrown down the "perfect eye-sight throne", it will be this month. (I will cry!)

So much worries this few months. But like every other human being, it is part and parcel of life :) I know this too shall pass, it is just temporary and there is always a solution at the end. Thanks for hearing my pointless rant. You have no idea how much you relieve my stress hahaha.

So, stay tune!!! I'll share with you guys what is the outcome of my dilemma and 'adult worries' soon enough ;) Meanwhile, please stay tune for my Japan Travel Diaries AND .... I am excited to bring you more travel diaries - My next travel schedule is to my 2nd home: PHUKET. #herewegoagain

x lots of love.

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