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I never liked threading my eyebrows. I have always been using an eyebrow shaver or plucking method to shape my eyebrows. I only did try threading ONCE in my life, at a random Little India shop when I was 18 (and eyebrow threading was trending then) and REGRETTED. I was tearing and I went home with a swollen brow for the rest of the day. The lady looked like she hated me and had no patience to let me breathe or clean my tears. She just ripped those poor hair out of me and I am not even sure about the shape of my brows then. That was 8 years ago...

8 years later, I changed my opinion about threading eyebrows. I am actually looking forward to it every month now. Haha. I went to Browhaus to do my eyebrows last month  - I have always heard about Browhaus and how good they were. Been wanting to try embroidery but not very sure about it too. So I thought, hey why not threading? it isn't permanent and I am sure nothing will be worst than my past experience. 

Went to their newly renovated outlet at Raffles City, B1. It was a nice cozy corner amongst the yummy food stores in the middle. Of course, I went there really nervous but willing to give this experience a try.

Before. On my way there!

Look at how unkept my eyebrows are... okay they aren't always like that but yes, I am not the best at this.

When the lady was doing my eyebrow, I noticed how careful she was and she also gave some time to analyze my eyebrows. I felt taken care of and assured that she was committed to do a good job for me. When she was threading my brows, she was really gentle and careful as she knew how nervous I was and tried to give me a pain-less experience. True enough, it was NOTHING like my old experience. It was comfortable and the pain was durable - just like plucking - 


After everything, she also spoke to me and shared that my eyebrows were uneven and she was going to help me draw my eyebrows using Browhaus's Brow Pencil. She taught me how to draw my eyebrows nicely to compensate my uneven brows. I have been walking out of my house 26 years with uneven brows and never knew about it!!!!

Before & After

I am really thankful for this wonderful experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you Browhaus for giving me a chance to have beautiful eyebrows :) 

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