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I've been thinking about how i had so much time last time to upload photos and blog - and I had an immense passion to write/blog, time was on my side and it was a breeze to do what I love. However, since I outgrew my student life and got myself a full-time job, I have been a revamped adult and finally understood what real adults meant by "no time and no energy". Of course the only difference is I find a balance to work and sweat (workout) and have ample of family time. But on some days, I am so tired, I literally see the phrase "no time and no energy" swing pass me as I reach home and have ZERO energy but just 2 hours before bedtime and I rather just sit on the couch or lie on the bed and space out with the tv on.

I have been thinking of coming back to blogging for a few months now, but last 2 months was hectic for me and I decided to come to this decision after I get a chance to sit on my laptop to write. I want to be back writing more frequent or if not, VERY frequent. Whenever I am given time to write on my social media or blog, I feel a great sense of satisfaction and release. Everyone has their own method of release and I think I am such a kid sometimes: 

let me out to the gym + give me some food + a laptop to write and post my photo = happy girl.

SO. Despite the busy months that has passed, I have not disappeared from my other social media platforms but very active on instagram and facebook. I am very blessed to have received quite a few advertorial opportunities which I can't wait to write about and I am about to tell you about one of THIS-VERY-AWESOME opportunity.

The reason why you should bookmark my page and also stay tuned on my instagram from tomorrow onwards is because......

I'm off to JAPAN tomorrow to show you around the BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY + great people + food + agriculture + how to make your own japanese food + a tour around ABC COOKING STUDIO!!!

YESSS. I have been dying to share this news with everyone and only my workmates knew as I had to get time off work. I am really honoured and blessed to be invited for this trip to Japan with ABC cooking studio :) It is also so aligned with my love for food and also, for many of you who know that my dream is to be a farmer-mom, which got me excited when I saw that we will be going to agriculture places to do fruit/food-tasting. Sailorboy is also excited for me to go learn how to make my own japanese meals and hoping I come home to cook for him.

I needed a wireless camera which will allow me to upload my photos instantly on my phone and onto instagram - which made me realised how outdated all my cameras are... but Sailorboy stated that I am not allowed to buy any new cameras unless I sell or trade in any of my current cameras... which has lots of sentimental value to me so no - Hence, I must really thank @cheryltaysg for lending me her +FUJIFILM Xseries Japan X-A2. I will be bringing my Nikon baby just in case I need it.

I'm so so excited!!! This is like a dream come true and it is also going to be my first time in Japan and it will be a SOLO trip!!! WHOOP I am so excited yet nervous too! If you have any suggestions on places to go for shopping or during my free time after dinner, please let me know! If not, i'll catch you here on my space or @thepinksoldier on instagram :) please PLEASE give me your support by reading and feel free to leave your comments at the bottom.


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