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Eclectic #bedroom design with tons of wall art + #vintage #surfboard:

I thought it would be great if I could share some of my home inspiration here. I have been so busy since I got back from Japan. Besides work, I have been especially busy with some big things that is gonna happen in my personal life & also, looking for contractors and home inspiration for my new home.

I have a dream house since I was young and in Singapore, it is impossible to live my dream unless I married a rich tycoon - but no. Sailorboy is more than enough for me - I always wanted to own a beach house. Just the thought of the beach, sand, summer sun, sounds of waves, dog, smell of salt water, salty hair...

The bohemian style always attracted me. I may not be able to live my dream in Singapore but some of these inspirations can be incorporated into my modern city-girl home. Here's just some of my dream home inspiration. If you like this post, please give me heads up or a +1 like. I will be up to share more of my kitchen/dining room inspiration which is actually my favourite part of the house (FOOD!!!)

Let me know if you have any home inspiration to share with me. I'd love to hear! :)

awesome Kate's inspirations: KING SIZE:

The most modern and do-able as of now.

Shades of browns and grays - love the neutral tones all over.:

A loft house was a dream. I love the open concept kinda home.

A house just isn't a home without a barn door or two. There's something so simultaneously rustic and down-to-earth about creatively showcasing these huge wooden doors.:

My mini grocery store at home ;) so so gonna do this.

Make a welcome statement by grouping all of your beachy finds together at your entry: small seashells in a clear glass jar, conch shells in a large woven basket, and fishing floats in a smaller basket.:

Love the colours and the wooden colours that goes with the ocean vibes.

wooden cabinets, and love the idea of these lamps in the kitchen:

Surf shack! Photo of Billabong team rider, Lauren Hill:

Island life

Hanging "crib." Supposed to help baby transition from womb to world, when they wiggle, it gives a slight rocking motion to the "crib" which sends them right back to sleep!:

For my baby :)

Loft bed:

indoor hammocks:

MUST have a hammock! 


GYPSY YAYA: White & Wooden Loft Beds:

I love white and blue together, so light and beautiful:

White and Blue.


Beach living room:


Beach House:

Lovely Beach Table:

 Just sharing some thoughts here.. I hope I didn't bore you guys ;) 
Thanks for reading x More planning to do!

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