Singapore Underwater Hockey team (?!?!!)

by - 10:12 am

so a few days back, i was introduced to our home-grown underwater hockey team (say whuttt?!) i have always been so intrigued to try all kind of sports and any kind of fitness but i never knew we could play our land sports UNDERWATER. it's so amazing to know that.

quite an eye opener and i must say, after having to speak to these talented ladies, i am starstruck and inspired. i have a long history with water - but to sum it up, i am extremely afraid of water aka hydrophobic. i cannot swim but have been dreaming of the day i overcome my fear and learn how to swim. these very kind ladies shared some tips with me and encouraged me - they even said i could even join them during the trainings and play the game. i like how they have so much faith and confidence in me even when i have negative.

and.. they even have an underwater RUGBY team. now, i am excited.

isn't life so beautiful? having to learn and discover something new everyday.
mmm.... i'm lovin' it!


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