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hello long time friends!

time flew by so quickly, it has been almost 6 months since i last sat down to write. it isn't a bad thing as i have really been out there living life, loving life.

6 months after turning 25 and entering a brand new year of #wiser26. i am thankful for having the opportunity to discover so many things at my own pace. my dearest sailorboy just reminded me of something really important that i hold dearly:

"baby, just remember not to stress so much on it. you just keep doing what you love."

he knows me best. doing what i love is something i always find myself doing. if my heart isn't there, i won't even do it. i found lots of life discovery and growth in my personal development these past 6 months. on top of that, i am very blessed to have found/realise true friends and to know how blessed and satisfied you can be with just a handful of friends. i always thought quantity was better as i did not know what quality meant and i thought i had quality relationships - i have just one or two friends now that i can spend the whole day with, sitting down on a couch, doing anything and yet laughing so hard at everything and having the time of our lives. 

6 months got me a fuller life :) i am happy everywhere. i do have my sad and grumpy days (which is usually when it is the time of the month when i don't mean it) but i can't be anymore grateful for everything that has happened so far.

mom found a new house and moved in. that's my partial house where i get to sleepover and cuddle my furry friend, cody - which reminds me of last sunday when i was staying over and he actually squeezed in between wilson and i on my already-very-small-single-bed and found himself a comfy spot. in the middle of the cold and what feels like a heartless night, cody stretched his paw out and pushed my legs off the bed to find space. there i was. caught up with that cute moment but ended up cold as my two lovers were taking my blanket and bed away. told my mom that i was a really "harsh night" for me - worst sleep ever - because it was so uncomfortable ha, but i will do that again with my love ones.

work has never been dreadful since day 1. i have just been working, sweating, finding new studios and gyms to workout in and looking to complete my Physical Trainer certification by this year. i have lots of short term goals to fulfil this year and i hate to admit defeat to my financial constraints hence i have been working really hard. i find a great balance in my work & life, i am not living an extremely exciting life. or no, not to put it that way, but i get excited over everything so it is an exciting life for me but my life is one very stable rollercoaster. i look forward to the days i have to work and then my off days to spend with my love ones and friends. 

i also embraced something new lately that my colleague shared during one of the meetings,

" work life balance is just the basic."

having said this, i learnt that everyone may have different opinions on this based on their life priorities. to some, work life balance may be getting in the community and keep in touch with work friends even when it's their off day and for others, is catching up with their family and loved ones and doing non-related work things. i like to stick to the lather one. 

i always look forward to my off days - either to do my own gym sesh or just sleeping in, visiting my mom and cody, hanging out with my friends and writing a journal. it is my way of recharging and it feels so good whenever i bounce back to work the next day.

it is good to be back. writing. sharing. just being connected.
thanks for reading x

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