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Forever my favourite island; my favourite food, favourite summer and favourite parties. Thailand, they always say "a land of smiles". Well, it really differs. It could be a land of smiles but like in every country, it isn't that all the time. Especially with the influx of foreigners moving to Thailand to intercept the Land of Smiles' economy. 

I always looked forward to my island vacations that involves packing bikinis and banana boat sunscreen than those jeans, leg warmers and jackets/coats. Slippers over boots, denim shorts over denim jeans and beach scarf over winter jackets. So when Wilson asked me what I would like to do for my birthday this year, I told him that I took a couple of days off for my birthday (and since I started working full-time, I realized that I bidded impromptu YOLO vacations goodbye) and I would like to spend my birthday overseas, a destination I would deem my favourite and that I love.

Australia was one of the considerations but it wasn't enticing for me to spend just 5-6 days at Australia. I always prefer spending 2 weeks in Australia because Wilson and I enjoy living everyday like the locals. No timelines, no tour bus to catch but just take it easy. My leave was short, and my next decision which was the final was Phuket! Perfect for 1 week, we know Phuket inside out and we love to live like the locals too and 1 week being baked under the sun was good enough for me.

Rockin' my new Lululemon pants, I worked till past midnight the night before the flight and was at the airport at 6am. Some people cannot stand the way I do things, but this is how I roll ;) I don't know why I always love putting myself on the edge and living so dangerously. I got to stop living life like that one day but I guess it's not anytime soon. Heavy eyebags but with a very light excited heart to get out of reality for a bit. I ain't complaining.

This trip is really special for me. I am a control-freak and I love to know that everything is under control. I hate factors that I cannot control and since I have a certain preference for many things, I decided it is best for me to plan my own birthday and Wilson was more than fine with it haha. In fact, all of our trips are always planned by me; from accomodations to where we go and what we do. I am very thankful that Wilson isn't picky and he is contented with anything I plan. He is just the man at the cashier, waiting for his lady to finish shopping and bring the basket to him for him to do the payment. 

"As long as you are happy baby. that is all that matters"

Yep so for this birthday vacation, I booked Kalima Resort & Spa, a 5-star resort with breathtaking view. I never liked staying in Patong unless it is with family and if it is a party trip - then it makes going back to the hotel less painful when we are drunk and messed up - But because Wilson and I visit Phuket so often from once to twice a year, we know the orientation and roads so travelling and moving around was never a challenge. 

Welcome drink & towels - You know you are staying in a good hotel when you get this -

The main pool side bar was beautiful. We had 2 hours to kill before we could check in so we went around to explore the hotel. The hotel vicinity was big and breakfast was up at the roof top restaurant. Every part of the hotel was surrounded with beautiful scenery.  

I liked the service and the cleanliness of the hotel. I mean usually we don't spend so much on our stay when we are in Phuket but because it is a #birthdayvacay & #birthdaygirldecides.... hehehe I decided we go big on our stay this time. By deciding on this, it means more time will be spent in our beautiful suite and it was great as we don't intend to be tourist for this trip since we have already tried all tourist-attractions we wanted to do. Taking the back seat and chillin' by our pool is the intention for this trip. It also means less partying - previous visits to Phuket was wild and.... drunk. It actually felt like we were filming for Hangover 4. Will blog about those wild parties next time ;) - So that we can wake up without a hangover and enjoy our time together in the suite. 

Talk about birthday luck, we got a free upgrade to the double pool honeymoon suite! (I booked the honeymoon suite with jacuzzi) so the difference was we got an extra personal infinity pool to ourselves! The room was huge. They only had 8 double pool honeymoon suite so I am so so grateful for being one of the lucky one to be upgraded :)

Waiting for the Mister to get ready; I get some time to myself to fool around the room and explore

Love the space in the room with the foldable windows behind our bed that links to the toilet. It makes it so much easier to get my skincare from the toilet if you are as lazy as me :p 

Of course, doing my favourite - sun baking & beer. The pool view is magnificent and I like that we have our pool to ourselves without having to swim with many other people. I love the privacy for your suntanning session. The view overlooking Patong beach which was across the sea. We also got to see a few cruises which docked at Phuket and some Singapore ships too. Not gonna spam this post with my suntanning photos, will leave it for next time. 


 You know how sometimes the hotel breakfast isn't worth waking up to and you rather sleep in? Well, it isn't this case for us. I love waking up to the breakfast despite a late night partying. I woke up with 3 hours of sleep after partying for my hotel breakfast. Why? The food is pretty basic but good and variety is sufficient.

And the view.

Ah my kind of cute :)
How can I resist not waking up to this polar bear? (Oh btw he hates the heat and I am always torturing him with my love for the sun)

And to give a sneak peak when the sun sets... I love how it turns to cotton candy skies. We were given a complimentary dinner at one of the restaurants. They have 3 restaurants. But I wouldn't recommend any other meals in the hotel besides the breakfast buffet. The dinner wasn't so good. It was really little and being massive eaters, we were pretty particular about our food and we just laughed it off when it felt like appetizer when we were done with the course. But check out the view.

Our view in our suite 

The main common pool bar

The view every night when we walk back to our suite.

going around phuket #1 tip: 

If you are travelling around and won't be staying around the same area, rent a motorbike. It is convenient, cheap and efficient. Everyone rides in Phuket and best if you want to avoid the traffic jams. The prices range from 150 baht to 250 baht. I would settle for those bikes in between at around 200 baht. Well, the 150 baht ones are fine but if you go long distance and away from the city, you don't want a bike that might break down on you. Besides, it is just $1 - $2 difference and it only cost $8 a day. I say, just spend it. Of course if you get a better bike like Harley and bigger bikes like Phantom, the rates are way higher. For us, Wilson rides a Harley back home so it will not make sense if we rent one there. Besides, we are on a vacation and I like a vacation vehicle to be something I don't experience back home - Hence, a cheap ride that can only goes up to 60km/hr when going up the slope makes the best deal. (Not kidding! Literally CHEAP Thrill!)


 Loving our thrill ride :D And besides, you beat everyone in the jam and you get the nice breeze and free suntanning! I love it. Haha but I always can't help laughing when Wilson gets so agitated as he melts under the sun and complains about sunburn. Poor polar bear. He is the opposite of me. He loves the cold and when I mean cold, it is FREEZING cold. Sigh. That is why they say opposite attracts!

ice cream

It is always summer if not raining in Phuket. Exactly the same back home and when it is hot, it is REALLY hot. Somehow or another, I always find myself craving for ice cream! Hehe and I love dairy queen. I don't think I can find any back in Singapore (right?) and one of the reason why I love Dairy Queen is because of their turn-over ice cream hehe. They have this ice cream where they will serve you by turning it upside down to show you it doesn't melt or drop. Haha. Marketing scheme all works on me. Bonus, the ice cream is yummy!

So this is my 2nd dairy queen on my 2nd day and I tried to over turn it but it was so funny when Wilson caught my reaction. I thought my ice cream was gonna melt and drop when I over turn the cup cos' I saw something fell out. Haha. I think it was just something that flew by. Yay! Fatty tummy nom nom nom.

Besides dairy queen, I love this which is legit Thailand. Coconut Ice cream from some random van on the street! When I was younger, I never got to eat street food because my mom says it is unhygienic. After I met Wilson, I have been a street-girl haha. I love love love "unhygienic" food... okay that sounds bad. But I am not sure if it is because I don't get to eat them when I was younger but I like something different from what I am used to living with back home. I like to have street food... eat by the streets, having sauce dripping down.. :) The first time I had that experience was when I was at Hong Kong. 

Mmmmm...... yummy.....

Couldn't find this van again after this day. I love how they add toppings without surcharge. Everything in Singapore is "oh peanut topping $0.50, chocolate chip $0.40, raisins $0.60" right?


Shopping in Thailand is different back home. You have to get used to being able to bargain. Of course, there is always a price in their head but the first price that they quote all the time is always an overkill. Wilson love shopping. He shops more than me. I am like the guy, I will drift away and buy a bag of food like donuts or fishballs and come back to him and sit down somewhere while waiting for him. Haha. I enjoy that. I like the sight of Wilson shopping. It is not that I don't like to shop.. I do! But when I do, I shop fast and I know what I like and what I don't. I don't really stand in between. Wilson is full of chances ;) He likes to give any item the possibility. We mastered the art of bargaining... I say it takes lots of practice. Not easy, and I still don't like it and it isn't our culture but I guess since everyone is selling the same things, bargaining makes alot of sense. 

There are many night markets and shopping plazas. Even at the tourist hot spot, Patong Beach, has its own shopping haven of its own. We used to roam and travel to other towns to get our shopping done. However, this trip when we came back, we realized that it isn't bad to shop at Patong anymore. It used to be better shopping at other towns as it will be cheaper and not out to kill you but with recent competition, Patong has been really a friendly shopping place. Of course you got to know the market rate before you shop. It is important to know the price you are looking at to pay. 

And before any shopping? I NEED MY FOOD HEHE. It is always food before shopping because Victoria needs her tummy to be filled before she can do anything else. Wilson knows to feed me well before I fall into a hungry hangry fits. Me in action, food before anything else.

I laughed so hard at this sign board for the toilet. "Clean toilets" HAHAHA I don't even want to start. The cleanest I been to was the bar. You cannot imagine how happy and over the moon I was with clean toilets. :X

I do the choosing, Wilson do the bargaining. When it comes to bargaining, I usually give one price and take it or leave it haha! Wilson will be the patient one staying to bargain and play the game. Haha I just want the end product. There is always a market price for every product. Sunglasses ranges 100 baht to 200 baht for the cooler ones. Nothing more. Slippers range 150 baht to 200 baht.. I won't pay more than that.

my favourite memory

Let me take you around what I always miss whenever I walk the same roads of Phuket that I love on the last days of my trip.

Jungceylon - the heart of patong city. Everyone knows this mall. It is the main mall everyone know of in Phuket. It has your Big C, Pimnara facial and all your normal international brands. If you need to get tourist souvenirs too, this is the place you can find. This was where my dairy queen was too! 

I was so fasinated with how everything in Thailand was in this 'heart to center' pose. Even the cat and Ronald McDonalds!

Okay here we go. I'll show you my favourite paths at night after a few beers and drinks. This is where the best dances and music happens. (well, not all music is good... we are just lucky and happy to be caught up at a good bar with a good singer who became our good friend)

Welcome to Banglah Street. Where the weirdest/fun/happening night parties happen. You can call it mainstream too. I do like the town bars which are quiet and more island life but then again, we come here to party just because our friend sings.

On the last night, I went to this club with my masseur and friends to club. Haha. They were really so nice. They took care of me and we had dance offs. So fun. I love how I am always blessed to meet the right people (but then again, I do meet the wrong ones) but usually the nice people who always look out for me. They were awesome. 

Ah, this tiger bar.... when I found myself dancing on top of the bar top and pushing all the real bar top dancers down to watch us. And I don't remember much of it until the next morning when I open my camera and went "WHAT WAS I DOING?!?!!" Ah... fun times!
Here was the evidence that freaked me out.

Expressions included. Haha. Damn, those were the good wild and fun times! Not sure if I can keep up with such partying now... At least I don't party much or this hard in Singapore. I am crazy only about the parties in Phuket. 

our favourite kind of party! 

She will take time out to take us out to eat and bring us for parties on her off day. But this trip, we didn't get to see her more than we could as she fell sick. Hopefully next time. I need good music with my parties and this girl definitely can sing and bring a party out of anything! :)

Tuk Tuk everywhere... I am not sure of the price because I don't take them often but when it comes to night, you must try the parties on TUK TUK. Haha. Those with boom box and neon lights. They are the best. 

This is how fun it would be. After many drinks of course :p

Patong beach, just across the street. It has everything you want here. It may be crowded but I guess if you want everything else to be within reach and for convenience sake, you could hang out here. Bring your own towel if you don't want to pay for the sunbeds!

All my Phuket trips were beautiful and fun. And this birthday trip could never happen without this man beside me. He is my everything and I can never ask for more. Like they always say, "find a man who loves you more".

I think I did.

:) Thank you for reading! Don't go too far, I will write a food post after this.


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