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Thai food is one of my favourite cuisine. Phuket is famous for its adaptation to tourist taste buds. They live their lives and build their economy moving with the trends of tourists and whatever that is happening in other countries. It is hard to find something authentically Phuket-style as it is usually influenced by tourists. I don't enjoy paying for something which I rather get it back home in Singapore or in the country it was originated. However, street food and alley shops are my favourite. I don't get that back home, and I don't think I will enjoy it the same way as I do in Phuket. 

Tom Yum Clear Soup - ultimate favourite way to have my tom yum soup

Vermicelli Seafood salad - Ahhhh!  I don't know why but this is my MUST-order dish every meal but it's so good and nothing sinful about it. It is refreshing, light and yet not oily at all :)

Stir-fried beef with basil leaves... mmmm this is a very commonly ordered dish. Well, of course you could opt for chicken or pork instead of beef. But this in Thailand, Must try! Wilson orders this EVERY meal - A man gotta get his meat.

The popular Phad Thai. No need for explanation. This is popular in Thailand and back in Singapore. It is easy to find good Phad Thai everywhere... unless you are particular about the sweetness and oil intake. I always go for seafood ;)

Okay now these eggs are REALLY SPECIAL. I don't know the exact name of it but this was introduced to us by our good friend, Exy. How it all happened was on the last night of our Phuket trip in June this year, after all the crazy drinking and dancing. Exy is a singer of the bar which our crazy partying happened and we found a friend in her. Whenever we visit Phuket, we love to surprise her at the bar - like this time too! Her expression was epic when she noticed us among her crowd while singing... But she always say the same thing "PLEASE tell me before you come.... please tell me when you are coming!" Haha guess she isn't a big fan of surprises! 

So Anyway, she always take us around the streets and introduce us to food that only the local Thai people know how to order. So that night, she took us to this man carrying a shoulder's pole (google that up!) with eggs and some kind of rice cakes balancing on each ends of his basket. He was seated on a random floor in the middle of the streets. Exy brought us there, spoke in thai and got us to try these eggs. In my pretty intoxicated state, I was thinking..


So we eventually sat down, beside the man... in the middle of the street and started peeling eggs. My stomach is the least tolerant but it got a lot stronger since I started dating Wilson. The days before I met Wilson were filled with food-poisoning and stomach flu. My life was literally FULL OF SHIT. I couldn't even eat food from Singapore's own Pasar Malam (night market)... and when I got to Phuket 5 years back, I never fail to come back with food poisoning for 2 weeks and got really skinny and malnutrition all the time.

I took my first bite. 

Wooshhh. It was so interesting and so so good. We were craving for it ever since. SO what really went on with those eggs were just soya sauce and pepper. Simple! But the process of making it was long - Apparently you need to poke a small hole at the bottom of the egg and sieve out the whole egg. Then you add soya sauce and pepper and mix them together and then using a stringe, you put it back into the shell and steam it. The moment we got back home from Phuket, Wilson (being the chef) immediately went to experiment on his first egg. It finally worked after 2 tries but he said it was quite tedious for such a small bite. So try these eggs if you see them :) Don't judge the book by its cover!

And then there is my favourite weekend market street food. I'll never miss it for anything else.

My favourite Jackfruit - they are HUGE there. But it cost almost the same back home so I saved my stomach space for other yummy food

I was surprised to see something close to home sold as a novety here - Roti Prata. Haha. Our dearest favourite coffeeshop tissue prata was spotted in the famous weekend market at Phuket.

Oh, Wilson loved this store. He always gets curious about what is frying and tries them. Don't worry, this is chicken. In fact, in Thailand you don't really have to worry about accidentally eating some domestic animals. They serve mainly chicken, beef, pork and seafood.

Mango Sticky Rice - A must-try in Thailand but there is no distinct difference in taste if you eat it in Singapore or Thailand. Gluttonous rice and mango with coconut sauce... can't go wrong!

See, I told you my man is a fan :)

A WHOLE WOK OF FISHBALLLSSSSSZZXZSS (I love love love fishballs) This was a wok of temptations. I gave in to temptations and these fishballs don't taste the same as our normal fishballs in Singspore. They are hollow and very fried.

This is our favourite noodle soup before our party starts. Yums yums very comforting for any weather. 

The ULTIMATE Ice cream. This is legit coconut ice cream! You will have a topping booth to top up as many topping as you like. This is one of my Phuket must-eat!

Normal waffles... BUT the smell was lingering so strong that my feet led me here to get one before I can continue focusing on shopping. Hehe. Food comes first before anything else #foodaggressive 

Aloe Vera drink. This was my first time drinking and..... uh.. it taste nothing like your aloe vera in your bubble tea or yogurt. It felt slimy, thick, churning, sticky and pretty strange. The taste was pure 100% aloe vera. No sugar, nothing. Hence, pretty tasteless and not something your taste bud will be a fan of :x

The sweet tooth here is OUT OF CONTROL - but a curious thought... How does everyone stay so slim eating all these?

And bringing you to the supermarket... The Big C! Thailand's popular supermarket. I just read a post on Facebook about snacks you should buy at BKK's Big C. But honestly, I am not a fan of those snacks. Haven't tried it but it doesn't tempt me at all. Wilson and I always drop by the supermarket once a fortnight to get our yakult fix & beer stocks. The Yakult is GOLD. It is huge and so cheap... I wished I could bring all of them home. Beer is definitely cheaper anywhere outside the bar. If you are wondering the price for beer in the bar (120 - 180 baht) and in the supermarket or 7-11, it only cost 45 baht! 

Check out these eggs. Couldn't resist them cos' it is PINK. Hehe. I have no idea why they are pink but it caught my eye and it is our asian century egg. I remember watching Fear Factor challenge and one of it was to eat century eggs and win some money. It is a bizarre food item for non-asians but I was drooling just watching the people skip the challenge. I will eat all of them and get the money!

And Guess what did we buy and stock up for our luggage back home... RUBBISH. HAHA LOTS OF JUNK (which I honestly have no idea why I work so hard in the gym for... where are my chocolates & belvitas!) 

That was a lengthy photography post. I am an extreme pictorial person so I always prefer pictures to tell the story. That's just a little peak of my small experience in Phuket for you in terms of food. I would love to share more if you have any more questions! :) Before I end, this is my man walking down a typical street with food carts around. 

Definitely my favourite sight of Thailand.

Lots of love,
Victoria x

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