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ELEVATE (verb): to bring to the next level, to improve, to make better, to lift up. 

Have you ever thought about what elevates your life and what is it that you have as part of your life now that elevates you? Are there people or things that is not elevating our lives? And why are we holding on to them so dearly when it isn't going to elevate us?

For me, there is only 3 reasons.

1. It will elevate me now. For the moment.
2. It will elevate me next time. In the future.
3. It will elevate me for life. Forever.

And a 4th cheeky option (that we girls always reason to for our shopping deeds... hehe)
4. I THINK it may elevate me. Maybe.

Many of times we fall in #3, hoping and wishing a certain thing or person will elevate our life or choose to live in denial and think that they are elevating our lives the way it should be. 

I have been there, done that and regretted it. Regrets aside, I realized how important life experiences are. We are constantly seeking for life experiences and finding out what else life can offer. I have always been an extremely curious girl and having the luxury of being sheltered at home with family's love and care, when I got the opportunity to go out to venture, I didn't think the world out there would be dangerous and any different from my loving & safe home. 

It's so funny how some of us humans, received advices and warnings from our friends and people around us about a certain thing or person we should not get close to because it will definitely not elevate our lives but then, we still go ahead with the danger light blinking and want to experience ourselves. That, is usually how we get burn. 

It took me enough experience in my 20s when I tried to get out of my safe shell to realize yes, this world has no chance given to a naive girl. There is no real nice soul that is going to suddenly appear and drop from the sky to solve your insecurities and vulnerabilities and make them go away. There isn't. As much as you would like to believe there is (or if someone makes it look so real that you believe that it is true.) I am telling you, it is not true. Things don't happen for nothing. There is always a reason behind it and from the other side of this wheel, the same question & reason back at them - "What is it that elevate them?" I'm not trying to be negative here but this is a difference between negativity and the cold harsh reality. Let's get real.

Besides the sad truth of reality, there is always the good part too! Some people just love elevating other people's life and make a difference. Personally, I see the urge to help others and want to make things better. It makes me feel whole and satisfied. When I see someone struggling, I like to vision how I could fill in the gaps. "Why do I want to elevate others?" - Because it elevates me when I elevate others. Yep.

So last Thursday, something fun and special happened. In line with #fuelhappiness iniative at my work place, Lululemon... we decided to do something special for the lunch time people who forsake their lunch for a mid-day sweat out of the office. We packed lunch bags for them! :D

It is filled with love inside; sushi burrito, banana, coconut water and a packet of mixed nuts & a little inspiration note. (when i say love, it is always food.... or sailorboy haha)

So I was one of the lunch 'surpriser' and I was gonna give the lunch people at Crucycle a surprise! I was excited because I loved going to crucycle was brutal & fun rides. That is the only place I love to cycle indoors. I tried other spinning classes and I told myself never to do spinning again but when I decided to give Crucycle a shot to change my mind, boy, I did not regret it. It is big big love to know I get a FULL BODY workout just being on the bike. How awesome is that? With really good choice of songs you can sing to and dance to with the movements, they also have the best instructors to make you feel like pushing their pedal one more time ;) 

Got there early to set up and I finally got to meet their Wolf Pack mascot - Bandit! Don't you think Husky has the most beautiful blue eyes? I definitely tried to take in most of the moments on pictures and someone didn't look too amused with that idea. Haha. I realized even Cody hates photos. Why! How does dogs even know we are taking photos?

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