#thehappinessproject - Some things may have changed but I am still Victoria

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It's been a month since I wrote. I have been slammed with work and exhaustion (could have felt better with better time management. Challenge accepted) - Oh! On a brighter note, I just got back from Perth. Will write about it soon after I compile photos. 

A LOT have changed over this few months. I am back to competitive touch rugby leagues every Saturday at Turf. I enjoy most of my workouts and conditioning at Virgin Active. I have stopped doing Crossfit and I am moving out to venture and explore other sports! Please hook me up if you have a new sport in mind that I could try out. I am actually trying to get myself to do more yoga and I am so inspired by getting leaner and get the core strength I need.

Some of you may know I got very injured 2 months ago. My old lower back injury got triggered 3 days after Aerial Silk. I was paralysed in bed for a good 3 days, crying and thinking that my athletic passion is turning to dust. I guess it made me realized how much we take our daily movements for granted. Simple thing like walking and even getting up into a sitting position and transiting to standing up - I couldn't do all that for 3 days. I was very thankful for Sailorboy who was there with me throughout. He even took off from work to look after me. I needed help to get up from my lying position and he had to carry me up when I wanted to stand. I was stucked on my seat at MBS while having Carnivore. I love meat buffets but I couldn't even sit for more than 2 minutes without feeling the pain, eating me every second. I cried when I got to the handicap toilet when I couldn't even take my shorts off to relieve myself. 

Ever since then, I have been recovering well. I went to see a good friend who was a physio and she comforted me that my back muscles are too tight and overworked. Hence, it was swollen and irritated the sciatica nerve which affected my central system and legs. I had symptoms of a slip disc, even coughing or sneezing or laughing was painful. This experience took my life away. I felt as good as dead. Which also led me to starting a #thehappinessproject and #100daysofgratitude. Think of one thing everyday that you are grateful for.

Hence, according to physio's order.. I am doing Pilates diligently. I enrolled myself for Reformers and it was such a big jump to my usual workout. I wasn't used to leaving a class, not perspiring and panting. But I shall learn to slow down, stop and trust. Heard many good feedbacks from people who recovered from Pilates. I am excited for full recovery.

These photos were taken from my first Pilates Matwork at Wings to Wings. It was... not easy man. Haha. I was dying doing the popular Pilates 100s. So interesting to be learning new things! And it got me even more excited when my man is doing it with me. He has been so patient and nice to try these classes with me and he was the only guy in class! (And he could be enjoying it hehe) I love it whenever we sweat together. He don't join usually join classes but does his own gym, and when I watched him work out, I was surprised. He was actually so so strong! 

"I don't have to show how strong i am in a class or to people. i train and i know it myself, that's all that matters" - sailorboy

That's my man. And in fact, until now, I haven't mastered taking videos of myself working out. I am really so bad with my Note Camera. Is it because it is big? I am contemplating on getting a smaller phone to see if it gets any easier taking videos and photos. But I like my screen big for my grandma eyes. Gah, hence.. procrastination. 

So I'm back now, working on better time management so that I can write about more exciting things coming and that was a summary of the changes in the past few months. I am excited for changes and new sports to pick up!

Do stay on this space as I am officially back and writing and greater things are coming this way! :) I am glad I finally sort out my time to write and it all started out from being stressed from work. Good therapy here. I am also taking time out from my off day to write and about to get ready to get hit by my first CORE MINE lunch class at Level! Everyone has been telling me how fun it was so... let's see!

#100daysofgratitude: I am thankful for time given today to write and share about my experience. 

Thanks for reading!

Signing off,
Victoria x

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