Singapore Yahoo #Fitspo (21 September)

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This is super backdated - 21st September 2015. Didn't get to lay this on my page and I wasn't used to seeing myself in public's eyes like Yahoo. It was funny when I recall how I received text messages from friends and relatives in the midst of my deep slumber.

"Omg vic, is that you? *sends printshot* are you famous?"

Honestly, I didn't know so many people reads news off Yahoo page. My presence and big face there really did surprise many friends and families ha! Boo! And no, I am not famous. 

This shoot and interview was the start of a new friendship. I love pink. I am not too girly (looks can be deceiving really). I like it rough.. sports ahem. And the very ambitious lady who approached me for this fitspo interview and shoot was exactly the same as me. I got to say, her obsessiveness with pink was full-on. I was subtle with my pink. Everything in my bag may be pink but the bag could be other colours haha. She wears pink shirt and drove a pink car back then... she shows it all.

Cheryl was living my childhood dream career. Sharing our lives together, she is unlike any girlfriend I've met in my life. She is just like a big sister I look up to and always wanted. I am just very thankful for her in my life. We became really good friends, she knew my weaknesses and backed me up and gave me the support I needed. I never saw myself as an inspiration but yet she help me see from another perspective. I always love helping people and if I could help people lose weight or just stay healthy and happy, why not? My hands are always raised.

No, I'm not a model and I am just another ordinary girl who shares a strong passion for fitness and people. This shoot was so unexpected and when she approached me, I was so negative about it and was about to turn her down until she said we'll see how it will turn out. (I cannot pose for nuts.) So hence, all I did was what I always do. Run with Cody, sit and rub his head, smile with my teeth and grab cody face forcefully to stay close to me. Ha! 

It all turned out well and I am glad it happened. I am actually glad she was actually so persistent. We shared a special friendship in the beginning, unveiling mysteries and unfold stories. She is indeed a very good journalist, definitely lives up to her name. :)

You can find Cheryl's article on me and also other real articles about fitness, motorcars, cars and sports here -

#100daysofgratitude: I am grateful for God sending me a girlfriend in my life to be my friend and who accept my flaws anytime.

Signing off,
Victoria x

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