#victoriayogadiaries: Learning Crow Pose/Slanted

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My apologies for the long hiatus. 

Life has been nothing but a crazy roller coaster ride. I have a much better perspective of people and life and it took me too long to realize all these. Having to go through too much just to learn a lesson was pretty harsh and totally not worth it. Having to realize being naive and vulnerable was made me such an easy prey. I was just trapped in my own stubbornness which led me to learning about people & life the hard way.

I have regrets and things I wished I didn't do and words I wished I didn't say. What's done is done. I am not a person who live in the past but move forward and look forward to better things. Despite all these cluttered mess, the only thing I could keep on track was my fitness and active lifestyle. Call it a distraction, it served me a good time out from the world. I don't remember a time I actually stop moving. (Today is the first morning I stayed in bed after dropping the thought of going to a noon sweat class) I have been exploring and venturing out to do new fitness activities. In turn, I have got a better understanding of my own fitness and body as a whole. 

So lately, when I am working on the floor, I like to bring the mat out at the store entrance and get my body moving. I have been trying to do yoga and is very very new to it. This is what I never thought my body could do... Let the photos speak for itself :)

"Woah... I am in the air!"

Really shocked by what my small poor elbows can do to hold me up like that...

Achievement unlocked! :) What's next? Challenges drives me to do things and go further. 
What is your challenge today?

Gonna get ready for something else new in an hour :p wish me luck!

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