Aerial Silk

by - 7:10 am

I've always loved watching dancers dance and acrobats on their gymnastic moves and props. I am not a good dancer nor am I close to being flexible. It was a dream to be good at these and last Thursday, I had an opportunity to try Aerial Silk.

Because my body is used to high intensity, fast and heavy workouts, yoga and these activities which plays with extending and stretching my body is a challenge to me. Since it challenges me, it definitely motivates me even more to do it and achieve it.

The warm up was difficult enough because I never knew I could roll my body from side to side like that and it awoken muscle groups I never knew existed! Haha! It was an eye opener. Then we proceeded to do the movements and poses... Because Aerial Silk requires one-to-one assistance, the class can only have 2 or 3 people. I watched my friend and the other student perform their practice. Jaws dropped... Wow. I want to do that too!

Here's the video of my first time attempting Aerial Silk - For the record, the most unglamorous and rough transition... (hahaha) It was a good experience! I definitely got to work on my flexibility especially rolling my dreadful ITB.

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