Live the moment, cease the day

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Have you ever wondered what are the signs before death?
Are there ever signs we can find out to signify that we are going to be gone soon?

I don't know.

It probably would take someone who had a near death experience to share this. And no, don't worry. I am not suicidal or anything for voicing out my thoughts and curiosity. But I just read a bible verse this morning. (So I have this bible app that will pop out a random verse on my phone each morning for me to read and I like to call it "God's special notes to me").

Everyday I read verses that I could relate to and it really feels that God is speaking to me. He is real. He is apparent in my life. However, this morning's verse was quite a scare. It hit me and I was like, "ohmg what is going to happen later, tomorrow, next week?"
The verse that was pointed out to me was,

Matthew 24:42
Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know what day your Lord is coming.

It hit me. I felt scared and worried. Those were signs that I've yet to do and say so many things I want to in my life. I am only 24. I kept thinking "God, please give me more time to live my life. I just found a job I love, I have many things I have yet to deal with in my life and wishes and dreams I have yet to fulfil."

Then last week's work meeting was pretty relevant. It got us back to our core values in our own lives besides reminding ourselves about lululemon's core values. 
What are the values you stand by and live by?

My manager, Clare was awesome. She made us these values cards. We had to pick 10 and many of us struggled to pick 10. I had a perfect 10 in my hand and we had to pick 5 out of those. I didn't really have a hard time picking those 5. I live by my values and it is very apparent especially to the people close to me.

If you are close to me, you will know these few cards shouts the loudest for me. I love how obvious they were for me. I love how different people are in terms of core values and it will somehow match to their personality. We are all different and so special in our own ways. We learn to adapt, compromise and explore different traits along our lives. You will find that you may connect with people who has different values and it doesn't have to be the same to connect. That is the beautiful thing about life :)

We only have one life. It is time to live the life you love and love the life you live.
Go get it!

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