I made breakfast

by - 7:42 am

Tadah! So, I've been back to my "Victoria's Culinary Skills" invention again. But it's not much of an invention because I still can't find interest in staying in the kitchen to cook and perspire at the same time while waiting for my chicken to be cooked. 

But I love this. For the first time, it doesn't look horrible (or at least it doesn't look like vomit which was the feedback I got the previous time).

My overnight oats has been my lunch for a week now whenever I got the day shift. It kept my full on some days but on other days, I had to have some protein at the side. I would add peanut butter to it for protein sake. Whatever it is, I am loving it. Now, I am in search of a Mason jar I can pack my overnight oat properly in. Slowly venturing and exploring more flavours I can create my overnight oats in.

Yum yum. The abs always start in the kitchen, not at the gym ;)

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