#sabahquake My Deepest Condolences

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To the beautiful and strong victims of the #sabahquake ,

May you be even more beautiful angels wherever you are. You have brought beautiful years and memories to your loved ones in this world. I pray you become even better people wherever you are and continue to watch over those who love you and comfort those who are mourning over your loss. Your strong spirits and determination to set foot at this hike is admired. For the Guide and Teachers, your heroic actions and selflessness will always be remembered. Rest In Peace, beautiful souls.

Deeply sadden by this unfortunate news. The death tolls are made up of the majority young children of TKPS. My heart goes out to the families of these victims. I cannot imagine how those children were feeling and what they had to face during the chaotic disaster. As an adult, I cannot handle the situation myself. Least, those young children... They must have been scared to death. Seeing those big boulders (as big as trucks and cars) crashing and rolling down. How about those who witnessed the boulders falling on their helpless friends? It is definitely too much for any human being to handle. For the families who let their children go for this trip because they begged and wanted it so badly and you just wanted them to be happy and putting a smile on your child's face means the world to you that is why you said yes to this trip... Don't blame yourself. It is nobody's fault. This Natural disaster is uncalled for. If it is time, it is time. We cannot fight fate or time. Stay strong for each other because the nation is behind you.

I pray that the remaining missing student and teacher be found and I pray for a bigger miracle that they are safe and alive somewhere, seeking refuge. 

It has been a sudden loss for some people. It only teaches us to cherish and treasure the time we have with our love ones. You never know when it would be the last. Tears just rolled up as I watched the interview by the fathers of the victims... Some had signs from heaven that the children did not want to be apart from the parents. Some said things on videos that they never knew would be the last. Children or even adults want to do things and achieve things badly and you never know if it might be your last pursue but I am proud of them that they did set foot on that mountain. 

Cherish your time with your family and friends. Every minute is equally precious.

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