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[Cottesloe Beach, Perth 2014]


 That is, what people fear most. It gets them out of their comfort zone, be in a place they never know of, doing something out of their routine, see faces that they don't see often. Change is definitely getting out of what you are used to doing/seeing and starting something new.

2015 is definitely gonna be a year full of changes for me in my personal life. 2014, got me thinking if it was a year of change for me but nope. It was actually a year of realizations and lessons learnt to help me transit to adapt better to changes and prepare myself to accept changes and be a better person in life. I have started many new things in 2014, met people whom I know are here to stay or just a transitional phase.. Every event happened just so I could learn something from it.

 I am definitely uncomfortable - and being uncomfortable is good because I always believe that something big and greater is about to happen. So my take in life is, always be comfortable in being uncomfortable. It can be a struggle but on a positive note, it can be a break through in your mind.

Changing your life doesn't mean turning your entire world upside down but it is just about getting new perspective on yourself or the world. Easier said than done, we don't see it eye to eye when it happens to us. We get nervous, avoid or escape when we meet an opportunity for a change. I wished I saw it and isn't any nervous meeting a change. A change can be pretty refreshing too(!) Well, there is always something I tell myself to help get over the fear of change - If  10 years later, I told you that your life won't have any changes and be the same, will you be happy? 

If your life seem bad to you already, can change be any worst or could it make your life better?
 Take the risk. 


People always like to ask questions like, "What do you wish for in life?" 
And the standard reply would be,

"Happiness. I want to be happy. I wish for everyone to be happy."

I realized when you hit the 25s or older, you have probably been through alot, or if not something, in life. (If you didn't, you are very very lucky) You would have been through a certain degree of  discomfort in your life. People will crave for simplicity in life after going through the tough seas.

But people don't actually get it. Neither did I before I did some soul searching. I started to search for happiness in all the wrong and (sometimes) right places. Shifted my focus and distracted myself a couple of times to keep my sanity. I kept thinking, what is wrong with me? What is wrong with my life? Why can't I feel happy and lead a simple life. Why do I feel something missing.. Why do I always have moments of unhappiness and lack? What is against my happiness?

The true enemy of happiness isn't sadness, fear or failure. 

It is complacency. 

It is becoming too comfortable with just being comfortable that we stop trying to make things better. We stop trying to make things different. We stay mundane. We became hostile and avoid changes. We go on with life, being satisfied with being 'good enough' and we don't realize that nothing is actually really all that good until we wake up one day thinking how miserable we are. 

This is one more life rule I always remind myself to live by
- To always try to make things different. Never stop trying to make things better.

I have many friends who came to me or drop me random texts, asking me "Vic, why do you always seem so busy? Your life seems so happening. You are always doing so many things. You never have enough of something and next, I find you doing or starting something new. You are like a machine, can you please stop moving so fast and doing so many things, I cannot keep up."

At first, I didn't really realize that about myself. I laughed it off and said, Nah I am not busy... I mean, I just do what I feel like doing and it makes me sane and happy. True fact is, I actually love being busy. I love keeping myself occupied. I never believe that I will ever be good enough for anything or anyone. There is no such thing in my dictionary. Life is always a constant chase. I believe that, if you stop learning or trying to make things better, being mundane and stagnant only means that you're going to be left behind. I am not trying to keep up with trends. Trend and trying to make things better or different are two separate entities. Trends die off.

However, if you try to make things better of different, it never dies off. You only keep getting better and you only keep moving up the ladder one step higher. Some people cannot keep up with my life and cannot stand the way I do things because I am always seeking for more, and more... and so much more. I have once been told by a close friend, "Victoria. Please stop. Breathe. Relax for awhile. Just stop thinking for once and stop moving." It took me quite awhile to understand what that meant. It can be a negative trait I have too. But I guess, if you do life in moderation, you will be just fine. I am just finding my moderation now. :)

1. Change my body/appearance
2. Change my views
3. Change my resume

2015 is in for so much change to come... I am so nervous and afraid to take them on alone. But I keep my fingers cross and grit on. / Daddy's girl gotta grow up now.. It's time to be a big girl / When you set your eye on target, you keep your rifle up straight and keep aiming and not let go. Your goal is only on the target. Distractions may come, I am not the best person to advice on that but I do try to keep myself realign back on track just by doing things that makes me feel free and light again.

March is taking its leave soon, just thought I could share some of my thoughts here. Friday night, and I feel like writing my night away. You have the power to make changes in your life. Build up to it, don't do it like a extremist and dive your head through the void. You don't want to be overwhelmed by life. I was taught about 'moderation' and it kept me rooted and safe.

TGIF & stay beautiful x

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