Chinese New Year 2015

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It's the end of Chinese New Year. I am not a person who gets into events on the calender except birthdays and Christmas. However, CNY is one of the event I look forward to.

  1. Long long holiday (who doesn't love the number of days we get off from work/school!)
  2.  An excuse to buy new pretty dresses, get a new hairstyle and get your nails done
  3.  Most importantly, to finally see everyone in the family gathered together.

Ok, I meant point 3. Point 1 and 2 are relevant... I mean we love that too right? It's bonus. But I feel that with everyone so busy with their daily chores, sometimes it may be a simple to do to come together as a family to see how is everyone doing but it is also the easiest to be neglected and taken for granted. I am a very family-oriented person and I treasure family time alot. I love to see the people of my blood and to know what is everyone up to. 

My reunion dinner is always simple. I know of some families that does it big with grandparents and relatives too. Mine, is always a small affair. Table for 4 or 3.. and dinner, is always planned by me. I remember 2 years back when my mom took charge of dinner, you will never guess what we had for reunion dinner.... Nuggets, Fries, Hot dog, Spaggetti. Haha. Mom, I can't emphasize anymore that it is CHINESE New Year. I decided that instead of complaining and whining, I shall take charge :) I made it more traditional and as chinese as possible and yet simple for everyone.

This food-fie has gotta be the best ever in my gallery. My brother taught me the next level of how we should take a table full of food. It was a very simple reunion dinner, yet "chinese-enough" for me, I always love steamboat dinners btw - Because I don't know how to on the stove without feeling scared of the gas smell and sound, steamboat is the safest for me. I get to cook in my comfort and choose what I wanna eat. Whenever my mom goes on a holiday or at many times when I have to eat alone at home, I do steamboat. I don't feel lonely if you are wondering... My sheltie, Cody will sit beside me watching me devour the shabu shabu and fishballs. I love my quiet alone dinners sometimes.

Just the 3 of us. I don't know why my brother chose to shave his hair out of the blue before CNY. I am from a single-parent family (it got official not long ago) but my parents are still staying together while the paper work gets processed. I did cook for my dad and he did sat with us on the same table to eat whatever I bought for steamboat. He did brought home food from his family gathering at his sister's place. Well, the sad hard reality I think my brother and I are facing (or avoiding to think about it) is that this year's reunion CNY dinner is our last with our dad. Last, for everyone to be sitting on the same table. I am not sure if my dad was tearing or something during dinner. He had a few awkward silence pause where he removed his spectacles and rub his eyes. But my brother and I are the worst at such situations and we only do best by acting blur.

Well, always look on the brighter side? My brother and I may eventually end up visiting him for dinner next time and appreciate his company even more. There is always a reason for everything that is happening. In time, we will know.

So. Chinese New year at my grandma's place has always been my highlight. I always get super excited and can't sleep. I am the noise of the house and I talk the most, especially more than usual and is extra loud (although I am already loud by nature). However, this year's visiting isn't exactly the right mood for everyone. I could sense the down spirits and a pretence on their faces. Everyone is still sad and affected by my grandpa's departure. I was sad too. We had gong gong around with us last CNY. Things happen so fast and someone may be gone tomorrow or in an hours' time.

Every year, I will never fail be ordering food for everyone to add on to our lunch dishes. On the table, I remember always taking the drumstick for my grandma and grandpa. My grandpa, will always be talking alot when he eats. Busy asking about how everyone is, how am I and what am I doing... studying or working. He is a very righteous man and he is constantly worried about how his grandchildren are doing. For my cousins, they are very academically-inclined. However, my brother and I are like the delinquents. Funny as it sounds, it isn't that bad. We are just not very book-smart. We prefer a happy life by having fun and working in a fun way. Grandpa always gets worried about us, like if I am in university or finishing. If my brother is going to have a bright future or not... He was very strict to my mom and my aunties about discipline. 

The grandchildren, with 3 of Swedish cousins missing in this photo. We miss you!

 It was quite a solemn new year for us. But I tried my best to be noisy as usual... being in my own world, I ate and ate, talk and laugh and ask 101 questions about anything. Oh! This year, I baked pineapple tarts. I must say, they taste SO good but they aren't perfect. Too soft. It crumbles too easily. But hey, effort and taste wise I did aced it ;)

My closest aunt who is like a godmother to me, takes care of us very well and especially Cody. Cody loves my aunt the most... because she is known as the "excursion lady" or the "park lady". He associates my aunt to the park because she always comes and take Cody out to the park.

A very simple affair for my family. How was yours? I know of families with huge celebrations and it is really nice to be part of that. As I watch the families talk, laugh and be merry... with countless of cousins, children, aunties and uncles. It is nice to have a big family too :) 

This year, I decided to wear a cheong sam (a yearly tradition) but this time, slightly different. I like to go abit too much with being special... So I bought a long cheong sam. It's halter neck. People said, luckily it wasn't red if not I'd look like a shanghai waitress. HAHA. Yep yep, can't be said any better.

For the last of 2015, Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Have a good Goat year ahead. Every year will have its struggles and mountains to climb, but whenever we look back, we can only see how much stronger we become from overcoming all that the year has given to us. Do not wish for no more challenges but pray that you can overcome those challenges and come out stronger.


(and I promise to be writing more frequently. My laptop is faulty and I miss writing. I want a Macbook.)

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