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Cottesloe Beach, December 2014.
Every year, saying the same thing. "A Brand New Start" but does it really mean anything? I won't say that this year but actions will show. I am still struggling to find answers in many areas of my life and until I find clarity and certainty, I am confident of a happy life.
But goals and aspirations must be established despite the uncertainties.


My Goals for 2015 

- To be decisive
- To stand firm and strong on what I believe
- To conquer and overcome as many fears as I can
- To grow further more as a better person and bear less grudges
- To improve my fitness to a whole new level
- Be happy with my choices I make in life
Yep. Those are well-thought goals for 2015. Momma told me a few days ago that I am no longer young anymore.. I am (was) 24 already. Time and tide waits for nobody.
I spent my new years in bed for the first time in my life. Turned down all parties, partly because I was really unwell. Stomach virus - That's what the doctor said. Feeling terribly awful and feverish on new years. But I shouldn't feel worst about my life when there are people who are grieving over new years when they have lost their loved ones in the AirAsia flight accident. My heart goes out to them... And that is also why I feel like there isn't much to celebrate. Drink, when there are people crying overnight and wishing their loved ones were with them. Can't be more proud of Wilson and his navy who went out on new years' eve to help in the search-and-rescue. I hope they do bring back good news and help to get to the bottom of this accident.
A little surprise for New Years though. I had a sneaky triple PR for deadlifts and push press. I don't lift heavy but triple PR for a day was quite interesting :) Thanks to those who stood by me and believed in me. Always telling me "Victoria, you are so much more than this!" - That, I will never forget. It is inked in my mind. I am... I am..

Jurien Bay, Perth 2014
Cheers, to a better year and hopefully ticking off the goal-list :)

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