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Ending your mentally and physically tiring day at work and half the day studying economics you never understood...

Entering a dark quiet enclosed big apartment you come back to every night when you call it a day. Only the sounds of cars and the dogs barking can be heard. Approaching the gate, the only good vibes was felt from the dog who loves you like how he loves his sweet bone. You approach the gate with anticipating smile. Then, when you took out the house keys to unlock the padlock, you realized that wasn't necessary.

The padlock was left unlocked. Hopes of someone you know is inside. So you walked in, saw the kitchen light and maybe, just maybe, someone could be in the bathroom and forgotten to lock the gate. As your dog continued to pour his love to you by jumping up and down and whining, you held hopes it wouldn't be an empty house tonight. As you approach the bathroom inside the kitchen, you realized each step was dreadful as you realized the strong silence you hear. It was louder than the children playing downstairs or the dogs barking by the streets. You started to call out names of the people you think was inside as you walk towards the door. No response.

And now, you're at it. Nobody. You went back out to the wide spaced living room. Pitch dark. You walked towards the 3 bedroom, no difference from where you were.

So. You are alone with your dog. The kitchen light left on. The house gate was never locked. And this place, is what you call home. Never locked. Security depended just on a homely friendly charming Shetland sheepdog.

Then you trace back.. While you were walking home under the block, you passed by a familiar face. A man, who lives in one of the 3 bedrooms in the house you just entered. But no eye contact made, no presence felt. Just walk past each other with a pillar in between, like how any other strangers you pass along the street. Then again, you don't make any effort. You know the end is approaching.

For many fortunate people, love has no expiry date for them. They live everyday with no worries about ending love or any relationship or love expiring.

They love without a deadline on their timeline but a lifetime

The days are numbered for some unfortunate ones. They live everyday like its their last, knowing there is an end to their love. There will be the day when they have to face the harsh truth. There will be an end and the end isn't when you die, sadly. How many of us can say we are the fortunate ones and know how it is like to live with an expiry date?

And how many of us, who went through tough love and relationships, can say they are numb or emotionless to these related emotions? Is it just a hard front we put on everyday and ignorance we keep everyday? How can one not be triggered or get over anxiety attacks when such emotions start tumbling over your life? Everyday is a ticking bomb.

What will happen when the time comes?

I really don't know. Meanwhile, embrace is the key. 
Hold tight, cos' it's about to be a steep rollercoaster.

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