Be different. Be bold.

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In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different.

Trends are way too common and so difficult to keep up sometimes. Especially for boring/traditional people like me. Trends are like an 'overnight fame' for a product. There may not be any queue for the donut store today, but if tomorow decides that it is going to be a trend, blam! You'll be behind the queue at the 50th person to get your $2.60 donut. Trends causes products or something trending to lose it's original intention or value. 

Think about it. You may love eating donuts as a sweet treat or tea time dessert for yourself, but when you are greeted with a long queue and almost everyone is packing boxes worth of 20s, 30s before you, AND you are just buying 2 donuts for your coffee. I reckon you might go for cakes or ice cream instead next time you need a dessert.

When there are trends, there are followers. You're either in or out the trend. I am usually out of trend, though I'm so hooked up to social media at times, I find it difficult to keep up. Especially for my fashion outfits, I rather stick to my favourite classy or bohemian style than keep up with fashion trends. I do like cropped tops. Imagine crop top is in trend and when you walk down town, you see 10 other girls in the same crop top design. That might annoy me and see me buying a plain t-shirt from forever 21. Well, if something is in trend, it only means it's not exclusive. It is only labelled trendy because of the great response from many people. 

I prefer exclusivity. If something is on trend, I will walk away from it. Same perspective in everything else I do. School, lover, work... I don't like anything mainstream. I believe everyone should go like what they like and if they like baggy old school jeans, flaunt it then. 

Sometimes it does get scary when you're unsure if whatever you like might become trendy one day. I wouldn't know if I will stick with it or walk away and find another hermit shell to hide under. I love fitness. I have been doing it for years and since I was young, I was exposed to all sorts of exercises and had an active lifestyle. Recent days, fitness has became "the trend". People and models who don't exercise starts to do so (which isn't a bad thing!). That's the good side of it... people who needs exercise might get motivated to start working out. However, then it gone further to more trendy outfits so you "look good" while you work out... more modified health food that 'they' say you "must" eat to be like that... the obsession of a "clean diet" and protein shake bottles started to be carried by anyone who might not know much about what they are consuming. Now, this is why I move away from trend.

But fitness is my life. I will never walk away from it. But it annoys me when people are just in it just for the sake of 'being in it', get it? Thankfully for fitness, it is good as some people will realize the goodness of it and how much it benefits their life. For others who joined for the sake of trend, might fall out if they can't keep up with it. It requires more effort (and sweat/blood) to join this trend. Yes, you may say that I will buy those beautiful workout clothes and buy whatever the trend offers. But honestly, I prefer to work out in my dirty muddy rugby jersey hehe. Nobody is supposed to look pretty when they work out. The worst you look, the better ;)

Trend can kill too. If to mention, the 'selfie' trend that took many young lives away while they go on a dangerous, deadly attempt to get the best selfie for their "followers" to like on instagram. The photo cost their life. It's sad how far people would go and what they would do to get in with trend. 

What our world lack of is Originality and Confidence. 

Strut what you think is sexy to you, wear what you like, eat what makes you happy and do things that you can justify. Whenever someone ask you why you are doing that, your reason should never be "I don't know. Because everyone else is doing." Then that's sad.

Be yourself. Be you.

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