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Festive season calls for such night markets;

First of all, I wanna wish all my muslim friends and everyone celebrating,


Pasar Malam (night markets) is probably one of the remaining traditions Singapore have and still keep. Although it isn't as frequent and easy to find one now, whenever we see one, the little kid in us jumps and yells "PASAR MALAM!!!" and we are SO going there.

Normally such night markets are held at our neighbourhood or void decks. This season, this night market is exceptional. It is HUGE. A long stretch from paya lebar MRT and along Geylang Serai, you will be spoilt for choice. The bright lights and huge white tents makes it impossible to miss and it is definitely one of the place to visit during this special festive season.

So a typical pasar malam will have the typical same-old stores; sweet corn, tapioca, hot dog, noodles, ramli burgers etc. This night market brings in more than just that. You have furniture stores, clothes, lightings, carpets, toys and so much more. There is so much more food and fun we can find... so this year, Hallourps decided to celebrate Hari Raya by strolling down Geylang Serai and indulging in all the yummy street food.

the beautiful lights along the streets

one of the shop that sells light decorations

shops for the kiddos

Ketupat (dumplings made from rice packed inside woven palm leaf pouch)
but these are just empty, for decorations.

ok and the best highlight of the night... the FOOD(!!!) 

my first time trying a RENDANG burger - it was solid. solid = 10/10.

i just love food packed in compact boxes :) fun sizes and fun bites, might look better on our hips too hehe

popcorm chicken & potato wedges will never go wrong :)

this isn't a traditional muslim food but i think is inspired in an asian country. huge squid on the stick!

my bff matty caught in action with his big... hot dog bun.

that was what matty was chewing on. oh this is my awesome friend taufiq :)

RENDANG BURGER. this is super awesome, i don't know why this is my first time trying this, but rendang on burger... how is that legal?!

and everyone, meet my all-time favourite pasar malam dinner after touch rugby trainings back in poly...

the mastermind of my love handles

fried beehoon with fishball and LOTS OF SAMBAL CHILLI

and these too,

fried youtiao with mayo; sinfully shiok!

at the end of the day, besides the good food and ambience, nothing beats having great friends to share all these with. it makes the experience double the fun!

Hallourps; Hari Raya 2014

this is the reason everyone love festivals of all races and religion. it shouldn't split people apart but bring friends and people together to learn more about each other's culture and religion and traditions. this is a free world where we have the power to choose what we like to believe in, but then, it doesn't give us the right to judge anybody or condemn anyone either. we are all made different and have different perspective in life but we can all grow to learn more about everything in the world - don't you think that would make the world a peaceful place?

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