Love Is.

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What is love?

Everyone been there, done that, experienced it, failed it once or some got lucky the first time. What exactly is love? Is it the time when you walk into a store and happen to glance at the salesman and you find it so funny how your eyes kept jumping back to take a sneaky peek at him? Or was it when you were at school and there's this guy who is always there for you and helping you to take notes just incase you miss something out? How about the guy you always see at the gym and sometimes talk to whenever you two take some time off at the pantry to hydrate? The stranger you always wanted to meet but never got a chance to and it takes one random impromtu meet-up to make you realize you found your soulmate? Everyone met their partners in all sort of situations, all kind of different ways to how they got attracted to each other.

Just one week ago, I was having brunch and I happen to sit beside this young couple with a baby in the pram and a toddler beside her. I overheard their conversation because it was pretty loud and our tables were really close. The wife was busy ranting to the husband about the children bad habits and how the toddler is having a hard time at preschool. However, despite seeing how hard the wife was trying to get it across to the husband, the husband was busy into his phone. Gadgets. New age technology... he was more into the phone than having a decent conversation. It kinda upset me seeing the kind of new age relationships we have nowadays. Just sitting at the side benches while watching people walk past or sitting with their friends to munch a snack... 1 out of 3 groups will have friends or people using their phone despite talking to their friends. It is like multi-tasking but honestly, we know how "effective" that is? What happened to the simple old-school relationships where walking in the park and catching up on real conversation was gold, rather than playing on the ipad or scrolling facebook on your phone when you are with someone you 'say' you love. What happened to a proper decent meal, looking at each other's eyes, absorbing every moment you are with her/him and embracing it? Or was it really more interesting liking your friend's post on facebook or checking someone out?

Whenever you get into a fight or arguement, do you post negatively about your partner on social media? When you are making it big in your job, responsibilities and ownership comes in, your life is being stretched in every imaginable direction possible, something in your life have to be sacrificed to be given less attention to... is that 'something' your relationship? Did it come across to you that you can always find another job but you only have that one chance to make it work with the love of your life? Is your "together time" filled with your husband's phone constantly vibrating on the table or your wife scrolling instagram? How many times have you decided to throw in the towel whenever things get hard? - If your partner is important to you, healthy couples never give up. You can get through it. 
Quitting is never an option.

Too often, we take our partners for granted and forget that good relationships don't just happen but they take effort to make it work. It's often harder to see the good relationships.. know why? Because they simply aren't out slamming doors or ranting and airing grievances on social media. Those are real. They are.

Think about it.

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